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Augusta Tile Installers

We’ve been specializing in tiling, floors, walls, bathrooms, backsplashes, and more for many years. Many individuals opt for the do-it-yourself approach to tiling. Hiring a professional tiler may transform your kitchen or bathroom from “okay” to “magazine-worthy.” We only recruit experienced and precise tiling professionals. Any tile form may be accommodated by our tiling experts using precise tile installation procedures. We examine and double-check to ensure that the tiles are set out in a precisely straight line with no flaws. 

Tile Installation

Our professionals will assist you in selecting the tiles that best suit your style and budget. We want to make sure you’re delighted with the final outcome, so we’ll guide you through it step by step. Our design professionals have a keen eye for aesthetics and would be delighted to assist you in selecting the appropriate tiles for each space. We’ll even transport tile samples to your house. 

TiWe utilize a diamond wet saw to cut tiles, which assures exact cuts. Did you know that if you don’t use the right saw, tiles might quickly crack? Applying moderate, consistent pressure provides a clean cut, which will aid in getting all of the tiles the right size to fit in any location. 

Tiling Specialists

It might be an expensive error to hire the wrong specialists. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a fresh new kitchen floor only to have the tiles fracture after two years. This might happen if the proper materials aren’t employed as a firm basis to avoid cracking. What’s more, what if the tiles you wanted are no longer available? Hiring reputable specialists ensures that your tile professionals will save you time and money in the long run. 

Tiling Grout

A well trained tiling crew is well-versed in the ins and outs of grout. Don’t allow a shoddy grout work detract from the beauty of your new tiles. Clean, clean grout lines will complete the appearance of the tiles and contribute to the beauty of your new kitchen or bath design. 

Tile Backer Boards

A backer board is required for tile installation in areas with a lot of water, such as a bath or shower. A backer board is a rigid, waterproof board that holds tile in place and keeps water out of your walls. Nobody wants to be in the middle of a mold issue, so don’t allow it happen to you. 


You can surely caulk on your own, but is it necessary? Messy caulk lines may detract from even the most stunning tile work. Leave it to the professionals to produce straight and equal lines that blend in with any grout. That’s how wonderful we are, you won’t even know it’s there!