Garage Services

While your garage may have been built for your cars and trucks, there are several other ways by which you can put your garage into use. You can convert your garage into a workshop, gym, or storage space. Whatever your plans for your garage may be, our home improvement services in Augusta, GA can provide all the garage services you need. Our staff haul, install, paint, build and repaint. We will bring order and structure to your garage. This will enable you to put the extra space into use however you desire. Your home will become more valuable too.

Exhaust and Ventilation Fan Installation

Since you leave your garage after use, it is likely to become very hot. Your garage may also become polluted with poisonous gas like carbon monoxide. To lower the temperature and get rid of the pollutants, you will need to install a fan. While this is great, you can get even more value from exhaust and ventilation fans. These fans can eliminate the presence of moisture, unwanted odors, and toxic fumes from chemicals. Our home improvement professionals can install a fan in your garage in a little time. We can also add interesting features like motion features and time control.

Organization and Storage

If you’ve abandoned your garage for a long time, you are failing to utilize valuable space. You can free up space by installing shelves, cabinets, countertops, ceiling storage, and more. These pieces of furniture can either be custom made or ready-made. For the custom option, we have skilled carpenters that will build your furniture from scratch to meet your spatial and aesthetic needs. But if you’ve purchased the ready-made option, we will ensure that they are properly installed and assembled. We will leave your garage more organized and usable.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Your garage door opener can develop faults that could be quite frustrating. These faults could cause your door opener to be unreliable or unusually noisy. An unreliable garage door can compromise the safety of your home. This is because you may not be able to get into your garage in an emergency. The door may also remain unlocked after you’ve locked it. Our technicians can help you with the installation of a new garage door opener and safety sensors. This will enable you to enter and leave your garage safely. Our service will give you peace of mind.

Garage Floor Coating

A garage floor coating will add more appeal to your grey garage slab. It will also increase your floor’s durability and resistance to the agents of wear and tear. When you hire our garage floor coating service, our handymen in Georgia will ensure that your floor remains in the best condition for several years. We will clean your floor with a pressure washer and then apply a high-quality coating. The new coating will hide imperfections and protect your floor from oil stains and dents. Our coating products are also antiskid. The extra friction will make your garage more secure in wet conditions.