Bathroom Repair

Faucets, showers, tubs, tiles, and toilets are just some of the essential components of your bathroom that may become damaged. Choosing to repair these items instead of replacing them will save you time and money. If you are in search of the best home repair service in Augusta, you are in the right place. We understand how important bathrooms are, so we strive to make repairs fast and affordable. Our handymen can handle anything on your bathroom to-do list. We offer expert services for bathroom installation and repair in Augusta. We install and repair cabinets, backsplash, and all types of hardware.

Shower and Tub Repair

We have the best hands for all your shower and tub repair needs. Your bathtub may be showing signs of wear and tear or it may have become damaged by accident. We’ve got the experience to mend all kinds of tub materials including enamel, fiberglass, steel, acrylic, and plastic. Also, we can easily fix breaks and cracks in your shower tray. We have got the necessary skills to get rid of tough shower stains too. We extend the life of showers and tubs and ensure that the colors and textures are well blended.

Tile and Caulking Repair

Several homeowners choose to have tiles in their bathrooms. These tiles provide more appeal and ambiance. The caulk is also essential as it acts as a watertight seal between tiles. When your tiles and caulking begin to deteriorate, it will make your bathroom unsightly, uncomfortable, and unsafe. You shouldn’t attempt a DIY repair because the job requires a significant level of skill and experience. So, you must hire a professional bathroom repair service. Our home improvement professionals can handle the repair and replacement of your tile and caulking. Give us a call today to extend the life of your bath.

Hardware and Fixture Repair

The hardware and fixtures in your bathroom are there to make it more functional and enjoyable. You shouldn’t ignore any sign of damage in these bathroom components as they worsen with time. A good example of the signs you shouldn’t overlook is a leak. A leaky faucet may look like a minor problem, but it will cause a significant rise in your monthly utility bills. Our experienced handymen can repair and upgrade different bathroom hardware and fixtures including faucets, sinks, doorknobs, tubs, showers, towel bars, and more.


The high humidity and the occurrence of water leaks are major reasons why paint is peeling off the walls and ceilings in your bathroom. Asides from making the room unsightly, your walls and ceiling will quickly become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. The repair of peeling paint is to be done with a lot of care and caution for it not to reoccur. So, you should only hire an experienced handyman for the job. We will do an exquisite paint job and also ensure that the paint isn’t spilled all over the place. We will give your bathroom a new feel.