Installation Services

As a homeowner, there are times when you will need to install new items in your home. These items include doors, floors, windows, crown molding, countertops, and more. However, DIY installations take too much time and energy from individuals. There is also no guarantee that the desired results will be gotten. So, you will save yourself a lot of trouble by hiring professionals. We offer the best handyman services in Augusta GA. Our handymen have the experience and expertise needed to successfully execute any installation job.

Countertop and Cabinet Installation

Countertops and cabinets are essential features of kitchens and bathrooms. High-quality designs will make your room appear more stylish and modern. This is particularly true when you have matching cabinets and countertops. But they can easily become unappealing when they are outdated or damaged. This will require you to make new installations. Countertops and cabinets are of different materials, shapes, and sizes. So, it takes a reasonable level of skill to properly install a countertop. When you hire us, our handymen will work closely with you to transform the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom.

Door Installation

Doors are vital components of all buildings. It is not enough to purchase a high-quality door, the installation must be done expertly too. When the right type of door is installed correctly, it will increase your home’s functionality and visual appeal. So, your new door should only be trained by experienced handymen. You should give us a call whenever you need to install any type of door in Augusta. Our handymen install all door types including interior and exterior doors, storm doors, pet doors, storm doors, pocket doors, shower doors, and more. We can also apply a finish or paint on your new door.

Toilet Installation

There are several reasons why you may get tired of your old toilet and none of them is pleasing. So, if your toilet is outdated or it has been giving you problems continuously, it is time to get a new toilet. However, the installation of a toilet is a major task. Even with the right tools, it will take hours to complete the task. So, instead of putting yourself through so much trouble, you should hire a handyman. We provide the best toilet installation service in Augusta. We will deliver the desired results in little time.

Lightning and Electrical Fixtures Installation

The installation of lighting and electrical fixtures are tasks that are better left to professionals. There are various reasons for this. First, electrical installations are complicated jobs that require a significant level of training. An untrained person can easily damage your electrical system by attempting to install a fixture. Also, a DIY installation means you will be endangering yourself and your family. A wrong communication could cause someone to get electrocuted, it could result in a fire too. Our handymen have undergone special training to enable them to install electrical fixtures such as switches, fans, chandeliers, smoke alarms, and more.